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Children affected by Morocco earthquake are at the heart of the National Federation of Moroccan Scouting NFMS attention:

The Inclusive Scout Camp of Hope

As part of the implementation of the NFMS plan to alleviate the effects of the earthquake and in line with its strong commitment to children and youth, the National Scout Center in Maamoura will host the Inclusive Scout Camp of hope over 6 days. This camp will involve the participation of children from earthquake-affected areas in the regions of Haouz and Taroudant, along with their peers from the Scouts and Guides of the NFMS.

This camp, organized by the NFMS in collaboration with the Kuwait boy Scouts Association, aims to provide educational scouting programs and psychosocial support activities for children affected by the earthquake.

The “Hope” Scout Camp also aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for children and young people affected by the earthquake by offering a variety of scouting, educational, and recreational activities, including educational workshops on life skills and psychological support sessions to help children overcome the impact of the earthquake.

In this context, the delegate President of the NFMS, Chakib Benayad, stated, “We recognize the magnitude of the shock that children and young people have experienced due to this natural disaster. Through the launch of the integrated scout camp of hope, we aim to provide the necessary support to the child victims of the earthquake in both educational and psychological aspects. We are committed to providing an educational and recreational environment that contributes to the restoration of the children’s spirits and strengthens their resilience.”

The “Hope” Camp is scheduled to last for 6 days at Maamoura. It will be open to children and young people from the following areas: Amzmiz, Mgat, Ouirgan, Oulad Berhil, and Taroudant. Their participation in this Inclusive Scout Camp will be taken care of, alongside the Scouts and Guides of the NFMS. The camp will also include several visits to cultural and tourist landmarks in the cities of Rabat, Salé, and Casablanca.

عن Chakib Benayad

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